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Strive Fitness Studio is a community gym which provides an energetic, positive, and family-oriented atmosphere in which to achieve health and fitness goals.  Our high quality and diverse equipment allows for all ages and fitness levels to meet needs and maximize potential.  Personal training is available from our team members with expertise in strength training, sports specific conditioning, as well as, weight loss through exercise, and injury prevention/rehabilitation.    Strive Fitness Studio is conveniently located near the Ballston, Bluemont, and Dominion Hills neighborhoods and steps from the Bluemont biking trail, so our community can enjoy the walkability factor, or easily accessible parking.  We STRIVE to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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Pro Equipment

Selection of strength and cardio equipment to fit all of your goals.

Expert Trainers

Our team of trainers is available to help you with 1-on-1 training sessions.

Family Owned

Family owned business who wants you to join our fitness family.

Flexible Hours

Open 5am-9pm daily so you can fit your workout into your busy schedule.

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Cardio Machines

Getting your heart pumping at faster rates on a regular basis keeps it in shape and healthy, reducing the risk of heart disease. Cardio helps lower your blood pressure by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and raising levels of good cholesterol.

Strength Equipment

Strength training enhances your quality of life and improves your ability to do everyday activities. Strength training also protect your joints from injury and contributes to better balance. 

Calesthetics area

Calisthenics promote strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination and augment the body’s general well-being by placing controllable, regular demands upon the cardiovascular system. The exercises can function as physique builders or serve as warm-ups for more-strenuous sports or exertions.

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Meet our Expert Trainers

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds and specializations. No matter if this is your first time in the gym, or a professional athlete, our trainers have experience training you at your fitness level. Take a look at what we have to offer and give us a call if you are interested in setting up a session!

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Family-owned Gym
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